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Best Teeth Whitening Kit For Your Grin 2021 | Best Electric Toothbrush

Best Teeth Whitening Kit For Your Grin

More often than not the first impression we give to people is our smile. When our teeth are stained and dingy, you might even find that you can’t show your teeth due to your self-consciousness. This need to look and feel good is why teeth whitening is a big industry, and it’s a good thing it is. 

A healthy smile is more important than you might realize, which is why keeping your teeth white is so critical. 

Product FAQs

While you can pop over to the dentist and drop a lot of cash to have your teeth brightened professionally, there are advantages to using an at-home kit.

1. What is a Teeth Whitening Kit?

There are different ways you can create a whiter smile in your home.

  • ​Toothpaste
  • ​Strips and gels
  • ​Bleaching systems
  • ​Natural systems

​2. What Does a Teeth Whitening Kit Do?

Besides the apparent answer of clearing those pearly whites of blemishes, here are some advantages to this product. 

Your Smile Looks Better

smiling man

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​Applying a whitener every few months will do wonders for your smirk and keep it beaming. Other foods that will require a bit of help on the white front include beets and blueberries. Smoking will mark your teeth, but we all know it’s unhealthy all the way around. Systems like the ones we have listed below can work that out of your grin as well. 

It Fits Your Schedule

Getting to the dentist can be a real hassle sometimes. With at-home kits, you can whiten when the need arises in the convenience of your own home. Plus, you can schedule around events where you might want your teeth to look your best like a first date or an interview for that dream job. No matter the reason, isn’t it better to have it readily available then being made to wait?

Boosts Your Confidence

This advantage applies to both in-home and in office treatments for cleaning up those tints. When your smile is attractive, you smile more. People who laugh a lot are generally more attractive, and, when you are feeling alluring, your confidence level will get an uplift of grand proportions. 

You’ll Feel Happy and Healthy

As it turns out, the more you smile, the more satisfied with life you will be. Studies have shown that it can convince your brain that you are actually happy. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every sad situation but, for the most part, it works. 

On top of that, it also gives your immune system a kick start, get rid of the stress that keeps lingering around your shoulders, and might add years to your life. 

​3. How Do the Kit’s Work?

The answer to this question depends on the type you choose. 


​This whitening type uses abrasives to work the stains out of the teeth when you are brushing. Some also use chemicals like peroxide, which can penetrate stains to remove them. 

​Strips and Gels

These types are affixed or applied to your teeth. Peroxide is one of the ingredients in the gel that holds the strip in place on your tooth. As it sits on your smile, the mixture attacks the marks you want to remove.  The times and frequency of the application can vary between kits. You only need to use this method every four or five months. 

​Bleaching Systems

This type comes with a tray that fits around your teeth. Most of the gels or pastes included with these systems pull the stains from your teeth with peroxide. These also typically come with LED lights, which enhance the power of the gel included with that kit. 

​Natural Systems

Some at-home kits utilize the powers of coconut charcoal to pull the stains from enamel.

​4. Where Can You Buy One?

You can head out to the store and look through all the products they offer but, to be honest, this is the type of thing you are best researching via the internet. This way you can read pieces like this and know a great deal about what you need before purchasing. Some of the products we chose for this list are offered in specialty stores, which adds another level of work. 

​5. How Much Does it Cost?

The amount of money you will spend on a kit is up to you. You can find inexpensive ways to whiten or spend a lot. 

How We Reviewed the Kits?

​We’ve looked at dozens of whitening kits and found the top ten choices for readers who are interested in perking up their pearlies. Then, we took into consideration the price, how easy they are to use, how much time passes from start to finish, price, and customer reviews.

Overall Price Range

While some of them run as low as $ and others well over $$$, most kits range somewhere between $-$$, which is affordable for most people. 

What To Look Out For When Choosing A System

With the background, we’ve given you it should be easy for you to select the right at-home product for your needs. A few things to consider is how much you are willing to spend, how long this will take for it to reach the full effect, and how often you need to repeat the process for upkeep. 

Fairywill Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

[amazon box=”B07NTY3ZM7″]

The first kit on our list features the LED lighting system, three 3-milliliter syringes, which hold the activating gel that will get after those spots of coffee. The kit wouldn’t be complete without trays, and this one comes with several. You get one standard tray, and two thermoform mouth trays, which you can mold to your bite. There is a case included for storage. 

While this is one of the less expensive kits on our list but it runs in that typical $20-$30 range we spoke of earlier. This product is sold on the internet via third-party sellers or on their site. We couldn’t find any information on a warranty. 


  • ​Popular with users
  • ​Can be done while you do something low key like read
  • ​It comes with thermoform, moldable trays
  • ​A case is included to keep it organized when you aren’t using it


  • ​Doesn’t come with as much gel syringes as other kits
  • ​Reports of faulty syringes and lights that don’t work
  • ​Doesn’t come with a warranty

​Cali White Vegan Teeth Whitening Kit

[amazon box=”B07QHLV5T6″]

As the world revolves around us more and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle, which involves avoiding the use of any animal products. The Cali White Vegan Kit is non-GMO, Kosher, gluten-free, not tested on animals, certified organic and is free of sulfates or parabens. 

This system comes with a 5x bright blue LED light with a built-in timer, two 5-milliliter gel syringes, two thermafoam custom mouthpiece trays, one universal comfort fit tray, and a case for it all with fun palm trees on it. It runs down the middle as far as the price is concerned, and you can find this kit online or in some Walmarts. There is no warranty.


  • ​Offers a solution for vegan consumers
  • ​The trays are moldable
  • ​Comes with a storage case
  • ​Not that expensive


  • ​Some consumers didn’t see any results
  • ​Reports of incomplete kits delivered

​Crest 3D White Glamorous White Whitestrips

[amazon box=”B07TTYDVBK”]

This kit is not like the others and doesn’t require so much work or steps.  You take them out of the case and apply them directly to your teeth. There are no gels, trays, or lights to make things complicated. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much cleanup. You can find these strips at most stores or online.

It was designed to remove ten years of drinking and smoking from your teeth. The strips apply easily and come off leaving clean teeth behind. It comes with 22 treatments, 20 professional effects, and 2 one hour Express White Strips. All of the strips mold to your teeth and are simple to apply and remove. The price is the middle range, but you get more for the money.


  • ​Simple application and removal
  • ​Doesn’t require a lot of steps
  • ​Is not that expensive
  • ​You get the most treatments for the price than any other kit on the list


  • ​Might not work as well as professional kits with light
  • ​They are not adjustable for all teeth

​AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

[amazon box=”B01N7Y5P9D”]

AuraGlow’s system Includes an accelerator light with 5 LED bulbs and a built-in timer, two 5-milliliter gel syringes, which equals to twenty whitening sessions. Their gel is also gluten-free, kosher, easy on the enamel, and doesn’t cause over-sensitivity. The kit comes with one tray that offers a universal fit, so there is no need for molding. A storage case is included. 

They recommend leaving it on for 30 minutes and results should appear after one treatment, and there are twenty included. AuraGlow is one of the more expensive products on our list and does not come with a warranty. 


  • ​Is popular with users
  • ​The gel can work on its own
  • ​Offers a storage case
  • ​20 treatments included


  • ​No warranty offered
  • ​Is pricey for an average amount of treatments
  • ​Only one mouthpiece included

[amazon box=”B07ML2MZW6″]

AuraGlow’s system Includes an accelerator light with 5 LED bulbs and a built-in timer, two 5-milliliter gel syringes, which equals to twenty whitening sessions. Their gel is also gluten-free, kosher, easy on the enamel, and doesn’t cause over-sensitivity. The kit comes with one tray that offers a universal fit, so there is no need for molding. A storage case is included. 

They recommend leaving it on for 30 minutes and results should appear after one treatment, and there are twenty included. AuraGlow is one of the more expensive products on our list and does not come with a warranty. 


  • ​Affordable 
  • ​Natural
  • ​Offers a powder for oral detox
  • ​FDA approved


  • ​Doesn’t come with a storage case
  • ​Doesn’t come with a warranty

​PTKOONN Teeth Whitening Kit

[amazon box=”B07P1936L9″]

​The PTKOONN resembles some of the other systems it comes with ten syringes, two mouthpieces, and a light. It doesn’t come with a case, and there is no information on whether or not the trays are moldable. It’s moderately ranged in price as far as our list of products is concerned, and it is easy to use. This product does not come with a warranty.


  • ​Comes with a lot of syringes
  • ​Is moderately priced
  • ​Easy to use


  • ​Does not come with a tray
  • ​Does not come with a warranty

​Snow Teeth Whitening All-in-One At-Home System

[amazon box=”B07GNVGCDW”]

While this kit comes with a light, it doesn’t utilize the tray/gel protocol. All you do is brush on the serum and then bite on the LED attachment for the suggested amount of time. They say you can see a difference in ten minutes. Besides, the light this kit comes with whitening wands, extra-strength wand, and a natural desensitizing serum.

This product is one of the most expensive on our list and is the only kit that comes with a warranty that lasts five years. 


  • ​Comes with a different strength wands
  • ​Comes with a case
  • ​Comes with a five-year warranty


  • ​Is expensive
  • ​Mouthpiece isn’t moldable

​Organic Activated Black Best Charcoal Natural Kit

[amazon box=”B079VHXK9R”]

If you can avoid using additional synthetic solutions for your health concerns, then it’s a win-win. Made from activated coconut charcoal, peppermint oil, and bentonite clay, all organic, this product is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. It is the least expensive kit on our list, but it does not come with any warranty. 

This kit comes with the Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Powder, a bamboo toothbrush that is biodegradable and ergonomic, charcoal floss thread roll, and charcoal floss toothpicks. It also comes with a travel bag and a guide card so you can follow your progression.


  • ​Inexpensive
  • ​Biodegradable and ergonomically designed
  • ​Natural 
  • ​Comes with case


  • ​Is messier than the other kits
  • ​Not as easy to use

​GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

[amazon box=”B07B6WZZ65″]

The GLO comes with a mouthpiece with a storage case, GLO control and lanyard, and 40 applications of the GLO serum, which are in 10 Vals (containers). This kit also includes a lip treatment, a universal power cord and adapter, a travel/storage space for the whole system and shade guide plus users manual. It also uses the same LED technology we’ve gone over before.

This kit is the most expensive one on our list, and it does not come with a warranty. It does include a travel and storage case, a shade guide, and user manual. For the one year limited warranty you need to register your product on the GLO website. 


  • ​Comes with a warranty
  • ​Includes a lip balm
  • ​Includes a case for the mouthpiece and the kit as a whole


  • ​Is expensive
  • ​Not as many treatments included as other kits

​My Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

[amazon box=”B079SNKQJX”]

Our final kit is similar to some of the moderately priced ones on our list, and it comes with a silicone mouthpiece, three packs of 3-milliliter gel syringes, and a pro LED light accelerator with a 15-minute timer included. All of this is enough for nine treatments, but refills of the gel are available for purchase so you can refill them as you go. 

The company claims it is safe enough to use two or three times a week. They recommend that you should use the gel within two years (24 months) after opening. It does not come with a warranty. 


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Gel can last for two years
  • ​Offers no sensitivity


  • ​Doesn’t come with case
  • ​Does not come with a warranty

The Verdict

I personally like the Crest White Strips because they don’t take a lot of planning and you can use them on the go. For those concerned with their carbon footprint would be best using the vegan or organic option. Beginners interested in a kit that involve trays and lights would be best choosing the iSmile for the latest in phone attachment technology. 

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