Can e-cigarettes stain your teeth?

We have received a question through our contact form about e-cigarettes and yellow teeth. It’s a well known fact that smoking makes teeth yellow, but what about vaping?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers have taken the world by storm. They are advertised as a “less harmful” alternative to ordinary tobacco cigarettes and many vapers have successfully stopped smoking with a help of vaporizers and e-cigs.

The fact is that e-cigs still contain nicotine and several other harmful ingredients and no one in this world can say that vaping is healthy because it simply isn’t.


Comparisons between vaping and smoking have been conducted by several clinical studies already, and it seems that vaping really is a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco. E-cigs don’t produce smoke. One of the rare toxic ingredients of e-liquids is the vegetable glycerol which is classified as toxic, but it’s not not nearly as toxic as over 70 cancerous toxic ingredients that can be found in tobacco and smoke.

The catch

However, e-cigarettes haven’t been fully studied just yet and it’s going to take years or even decades for clinical studies to come to conclusion. If you don’t smoke cigarettes, you shouldn’t start vaping as well. But this article isn’t about moralizing and telling you what is good and what is not good.


If you are smoking cigarettes, you already know that the filter is usually white, but it starts becoming yellow, brown, or black once you start smoking. The reason for that is a cigarette tar.


Tar can be found in every tobacco product that is burned. It’s responsible for brown fingers, yellow teeth, and several other diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer.

The good news for vapers is that e-cigs don’t contain tar, so it’s safe to say that vaping won’t stain your teeth (at least not as much as smoking tobacco).

Another thing that must be pointed out is the fact that e-cigarettes don’t burn. The thing you inhale while vaping is vapor and vapor doesn’t leave stains behind.

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Should you start vaping instead of smoking?

It’s up to you. We think that the vaping industry is not yet fully studied even if it seems that e-cigs are much less harmful than smoking tobacco. Also make sure that when you buy e-liquids and e-cigs, buy them from reputable brands. Several US companies have their own FDA approved laboratories to produce e-liquids.

If your suffer from stained teeth, use an electric toothbrush or try out some safe teeth whitening strips for home use.

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