Does Invisalign Work? Can Invisalign be Effective on Crowded Teeth?

Invisalign has become the most widely used mode of fixing teen and adult teeth. It helps in keeping your teeth in their right position. This is mostly useful for people (especially the kids) who fear to exhibit their teeth because of how they appear.

What we’re going to discuss in this article is how this practice functions.

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First of all, an individual who decided to opt for this practice has to meet an orthodontist who then tests and decides whether Invisalign is suitable for the person or not. The procedure will start only when the doctor decides that the Invisalign is suitable for the patient’s teeth.

The impact will soon be obtained and examined so that the teeth is set in an ordinary manner. When this step is done, the Orthodontist will run the program to know how your teeth will relocate their correct places during the period of the Invisalign procedure. Once the plan of action is obtained, it’ll be easier to construct numerous Invisalign aligners.

This step is helpful in obtaining the plan of action for the construction of numerous Invisalign aligners. Doing so, the procedure will be more perfect. Also, the Invisalign aligners are embedded in such a way that the pressure applied by them won’t hurt your teeth.

The aligners that were utilized during the procedure has to be changed after every 15 days, so that the teeth will gather the ability to move towards their required position. So, it is advised that the patient should visit the orthodontist after every 15 days for fresh aligners.

Although the Invisalign braces can be removed while drinking or eating and for some special occasions, it is strongly recommended that they should stay intact for fulfilling its desired objective.

How Does Invisalign Braces Work?

There are two major differences between Invisalign and Orthodontics. The first one is the aligners are totally detachable, making it easier to floss, clean and consume without putting much effort. The patient can also follow his usual diet without any issues. The second benefit is the convenience. There will be absolutely no discomfort in the mouth with Invisalign braces that often happens through the usage of steel orthodontics.

The Invisalign braces are very sleek in nature and therefore the interiors of your mouth will never strike or rub with the brackets. This is the reason why few people encounter tenderness and pain within the mouth during the procedure.

Can Invisalign be Effective on Crowded Teeth?

To be frank, Invisalign braces can be very effective on crowded teeth too. However, there are a few things to consider such as degree of crowding and the aspects (horizontal or vertical) of your chew.

Say for instance, if your lower jaw is packed and your top teeth cover the lower jaw completely, then you could never expel your crowded teeth before the vertical alignment.

For better results through Invisalign braces, you might need – dental growth, extractions of teeth, moving in between your teeth and decreasing thickness.

Broadly speaking, the costs for Invisalign treatment and time involved in the therapy can be somewhat more when compared to regular braces which is why the results are outstanding. One thing to remember here is that we should expect Quality products and services to be cheaper.

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