Home remedies for bad breath

Halitosis is also known as bad breath. It is a minor issue, but can be embarrassing on a social level. It is a condition that could damage your self-esteem, relationships, work and personal life. Many people with halitosis will go into a depression and isolate themselves from others. It can be cause for several different reasons, so identifying it could ultimately lead to a permanent cure.


Many people will automatically believe that it is caused by poor oral hygiene, that certainly is not the only possibility. In fact, many people with the condition do practice good dental care regularly. Many dental experts will get rid of the terrible mouth odor by looking at bacterial buildup in the mouth. Mouth bacteria can be associated with food residue or buildup of debris producing the unpleasant odor.

Unfortunately, the problem can increase if halitosis goes untreated. It can be caused by an underlying medical condition, poor eating habits, liver problems or kidney disorders.
Many people with bad breath are not even aware of the problem. It is not uncommon for kids to have bad breath due to poor eating habits and dental care. The best bad breath home remedies for children is better oral hygiene.


The common symptoms for bad breath are gum disease, tooth decay, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, lung disease, cancer and stomach viruses. Gastro-intestinal disorders or people with chronic constipation can be attributed to bad breath. Smoking will lead to gum disease and bad breath. People with dry mouth will also have halitosis. In most cases, it can be reversed by increasing your water intake. Wearing dentures that are not properly cleaned will cause bad breath.


There are many bad breath home remedies you can try in order to cure the condition. A very effective remedy for bad breath is avocado. It will remove the mouth bacteria and cleanse the intestines of impurities too.

Try parsley for cure bad breath. Boil two cups of water and add chopped parsley. Boil for approximately two minutes, let the mixture cool down and strain the parsley. Use this as a mouth wash several times a day to control bad breath.

Make a batch of raw juice with a juicer. Natural fruit or vegetable juices are great for treating bad breath. Get most of your juice from green vegetables, they are natural cleansers for the mouth and digestive system.


Making a change in your daily diet can diminish bad breath. Eating a well-balanced diet with raw fruits, raw vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts can work wonders on your breath. People with bad breath should avoid refined foods like sugar and white bread.

Bad breath can be caused by a medical condition. If you tried the bad breath home remedies and your condition isn’t improving, contact your doctor for advice. The doctor can prescribe a medication or mouth wash that can decrease oral bacteria. You doctor will check for other medical problems such as liver and kidney problems. There are many medical solutions the doctor can try to permanently cure the halitosis.

Final thoughts:

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