Maintaining Oral Health of Your Kids

Studies found out that the most widespread disease among kids today is tooth decay. Yes, you’ve read that right, tooth decay. If most adults suffer from heart diseases, kids have tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when plaque and sugar from foods merge. This then produce acids in the mouth that can be harmful to the teeth. Can you imagine your child suffering from a tooth loss at an early age?

Yes, you may say that it will be replaced anyway, but how about the pain that a child will go through because of tooth loss or tooth decay? Spare your child from painful way of losing teeth and teach them how to practice good oral health.


Teach them the importance of oral health

Teach your children how to have good oral health. Explain to your children the importance of brushing the teeth. You can also make teeth brushing a fun activity for them so that they won’t find it boring. Let them brush all areas of their teeth, the gum line and the tongue. Give them a pea sized fluoride toothpaste and tell them it will fight away tooth cavities. You might want to buy them an electric toothbrush for kids. Kids are fascinated by electronic gadgets and why should an electric toothbrush be any different?

Eating healthy

Impart to your children also the importance of eating healthy foods. Tell them that the nutrients they get from foods like vegetables and fruits do not only make their bodies stronger but their teeth as well. Avoid feeding the children with too many sweet and starchy foods. One sweet a day would be enough. The higher the sugar they eat, the higher the probability of tooth decay.

Visiting a dentist

Regularly bring your children to the pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists are dentist who after four years of studying general dentistry, have still managed to gain three more years of study and training to specialize in children. They learn techniques in handling dental treatments for children. Yes, that is good news for parents. You won’t find it hard anymore to convince your child to visit the dentists in Bartlett because pediatric dentists are friendly enough for them.

Parents, it is important to explain to your children the significance of good oral health. Tell them that visiting your family dentist will make their smiles dazzling and bright. Do not worry because once they are already in a pediatric dentist clinic, the dentist will explain every treatment your child will receive.

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