Oral B DeepSweep Triaction 1000

Oral B DeepSweep Triaction 1000 is an electric toothbrush in the lowest price range. It is one of the best cheap toothbrushes under $50 we have reviewed so far and it can be used as secondary toothbrush to any top-end device.

It has one customized cleaning mode – DailyClean which is great for everyday use and it’s 100% more efficient than a manual toothbrush.

DeepSweep Triaction 1000 toothbrush

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  • Oral B 3D cleaning (pulsating and sweeping back and forth)
  • Brush heads are compatible with many others from Oral B product line
  • 100% more efficient than manual toothbrush
  • Battery lasts for 7 days with a single charge (more than most models in this price range)
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 60-days money back guarantee


  • 20000 brush movements per minute (50% less than on top-end devices)
  • Only 1 cleaning mode (but brush head is replaceable with other Oral B types)
  • Doesn’t include travel case


DeepSweep Triaction 1000 is one of the best cheap devices on the market. Many people use it as a secondary toothbrush for traveling.

3D cleaning action with pulsating and sweeping motions provides 100% more efficient cleaning experience than you can get from a manual toothbrush. Braun’s Oral B brand stands for quality, that’s why they offer 2 year limited warranty on this product.

Top Features:

Oral B Daily Clean brushing mode:

Brush heads of DeepSweep 1000 are engineered to clean teeth much more effectively than manual toothbrushes. Patented 3D cleaning technology produces more than 20000 brush strokes per minute, which can’t be achieved with any non-electric device. DeepSweep Triaction 1000 produces pulsating and sweeping movements, which are proven to remove 3x more plaque and gingivitis than manual devices on hard to reach areas and gum line.

Although it only offers 1 cleaning mode, you can customize your brushing experience with a wide range of compatible Oral B brush heads:

oral b brush heads
Teeth whitening effect:

Regular use of DeepSweep Triaction 1000 removes stains from surface of teeth made by coffee, tobacco and certain drinks. Many users notice a brighter smile in just 2-3 weeks of use, that’s why electric toothbrushes are a great addition to teeth whitening products.

Pressure sensor:

Aggressive brushing is one of the main reasons for enamel erosion. DeepSweep Triaction 1000 has an inbuilt sensor alert that lets you know when you brush too hard.

List of compatible Oral B brush heads:

  • Floss Action
  • White
  • Precision Clean
  • Sensitive Clean
  • Deep Sweep
  • Dual Clean
  • Power Tip
  • Ortho Care


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oral b toothbrush

Reviews and testimonials:

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Oral B DeepSweep Triaction 1000

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