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Braun Oral B Professional 5000 is a rechargeable electric toothbrush in medium price range with some of the very advanced features. It’s produced by one of the world’s leading electric toothbrush brands and it’s been around on the market for quite some time.

It has become quite popular in the recent years and it might be a great buy for people who don’t want to spend nearly $200 for the most expensive electric toothbrushes out there, but still want the luxury of having a bluetooth connectivity module and a few other highly advanced features.

It is a great alternative to the expensive top-end expensive toothbrushes, and still offers some of the features that you could expect from a toothbrush in a higher price range. It offers 5 personalized brushing modes, it comes with the wireless SmartGuide and it can be used with variety of brush heads from Oral B.


  • Medium price.
  • Patented OralB’s pulsating / oscillating brushing technology with more than 40000 pulsating movements per minute.
  • Healty Clean and Floss Action brush heads are included in the package.
  • Extended 2-year warranty and 2-month money back guarantee.
  • Can be used with variety of brushing heads from Oral-B.
  • 5 different cleaning modes – Daily clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive, Massage and Polish.
  • Wireless SmartGuide included for ultimate brushing guidance.


  • Only a single voltage charger is included in the package.

Our review:

Most people have a hard time deciding between Sonicare and Oral B toothbrushes, but the fact is that they are both effective. Some prefer sonic technology and some prefer Oral B 3D cleaning action.

The Professional 5000 is the one of the our favorite Oral B products in medium price range. It is probably one of the most popular non-sonic toothbrushes in the world because it doesn’t cost as much as the top end products, but still offers quite advanced features.

It comes with 2 Oral B brush heads – Healthy Clean and Floss Action, but it’s compatible with many others like ProWhite, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, Dual Clean, Power Tip and Ortho. Combined with 5 different cleaning modes, it provides a lot of possibilities when it comes to personalizing the brushing experience.

Top features

5 customized cleaning modes:

  • Daily Clean – Regular 3D all-around brushing mode for everyday use.
  • Deep Clean – Most effective mode for removing stains.
  • Massage– 3 minute gentle brushing mode designed for massaging and improving gum health.
  • Sensitive – The most gentle mode for people with sensitive teeth. It is also a perfect mode for brushing after teeth whitening treatment.
  • Polish (Whitening) – Specialized mode for teeth whitening (promises to get a brighter smile in just a few weeks)

Braun’s patented 3D cleaning action:

Professional 5000 uses Braun’s oscillating/rotating/pulsating technology which is proven to provide superior cleaning effect that can’t be reached with any manual toothbrush.

Oral B Wireless Smartguide:

More than 60% people don’t have a perfect brushing technique. Either they brush too hard (which causes enamel erosion), not long enough, or they simply forget about certain areas of their teeth. Usually those areas are the ones that are most exposed to plaque and bacteria. SmartGuide is an ultimate solution for perfecting your brushing technique.

It provides a real-time guidance to help achieving perfect technique that is recommended by dentists. It tells you when is the time to move from one quadrant of your teeth to another and when you reach 2 minutes of brushing time. If you are brushing too hard, SmartGuide will light up and remind you to be more gentle to your enamel.


Do you like shopping online? The good news is that you can order your own Oral B 5000 online and get it delivered.

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Oral-B Professional 5000
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One of our favorite toothbrushes in the medium price range. It comes with the patented Oral B 3D cleaning action technology, 5 different brushing modes to choose from, and a Wireless SmartGuide.


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