Rotadent PLUS

The Rotadent Plus is an electric toothbrush that offers quite a few advanced and unique features and has been endorsed by many dentists throughout the United States.

Plus is one of the most popular Rotadent electric toothbrushes. Although it isn’t as well known as Sonicare or Oral B, it is still recommended by many dentists throughout the world (most of them sell them as well). Although it was designed in late 2010, it is still sold in the same price range (or even higher) as top 2 models in the world – Precision Black 7000 and DiamondClean.

But is it as good or even better? Find it out in our Rotadent Plus review.


  • Lifetime warranty in certain cases
  • Patented microfilament brush tips
  • Clinically proven to reduce up to 92% of dental plaque and gingivitis
  • 3 cleaning modes (sensitive, orthodontic and normal care) allowing for a more personalized brushing experience
  • Travel bag included in the package
  • Timer


  • Above average price
  • Louder than most powered toothbrushes
  • Expensive brush heads
  • Nickel metal hydride battery
  • Many have complained that the unit does not last.

We are supporting healthy competition in every area and it would be great to see another brand stepping up as a real competition to Braun and Philips. Rotadent Plus offers an efficient cleaning experience and plaque removal, but sadly it lacks superior quality. We have gone through quite a lot of negative reviews on various online stores and found quite a few cons of the Rotadent Plus. Sadly even with some great features that could make Rotadent very competitive to Sonicare and Oral B top-end toothbrushes, it’s hard to overlook the lack of quality.


List of cons

From a design aspect, it looks great. How couldn’t it, when its design is similar to Sonicare?

Another con is the battery. Nickle metal hybrid battery just doesn’t provide as much brushing time as newer Lithium-ion batteries. Older models used Nickel Cadmium batteries and Plus has a Metal Hydride Battery, which is still a few levels behind lithium batteries which are used by Sonicare and Oral B toothbrushes.

What about the good stuff?

It’s true that some people aren’t completely satisfied with the Rotadent Plus toothbrush, but there are some of them who just love it. If you manage to become one of the lucky users who doesn’t have problems with it, you could experience superior cleaning efficiency. Many happy users claim that the Rotadent Plus improved gum health and whiteness of their teeth in just a few weeks of use

Rotadent Plus Brush Heads

The Rotadent Plus electric toothbrush features a brush head equipped with 90,000 microfilaments that can efficiently clean those hard to reach areas between your teeth and along the gumline.

The brush head is disposable and will wear out over time. But, your initial purchase of the unit will already include three heads. You may purchase your succeeding brush heads separately, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of brushing your teeth with your Rotadent Plus.

Final Thoughts on the Rotadent Plus Electric Toothbrush

When comparing Rotadent Plus to other electric toothbrushes in a similar price range, it could really be a great battle, but it isn’t. Considering Plus Electric Toothbrush is a 4 years old model and Rotadent still haven’t developed a new and improved version, we believe there will never be one.

Rotadent Toothbrush Alternatives

Here are 2 of the best alternatives from Philips and Braun. To make it even worse for Rotadent Plus, both of them cost about the same, or even less.

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