Are you looking for the best teeth whitening products? Based on our research and customer testimonials, we have gathered a list of top 4 products for home usage in the world.

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. While celebrities can afford to pay thousands or even tens of thousands dollars for a perfect smile, most of us have to look for affordable, but effective solutions. There are hundreds of products on the market, but only a few of them are worth buying.

Top teeth whitening product list

Product:Brief description:

5.0 Stars
Zero Peroxide is one of the most popular teeth whitening products for home usage in the world. It was designed for people with sensitive teeth, so it contains no peroxide. First notable results can be achieved in just 20 minutes - right after first usage.

4.8 Stars
Mint Cosmetics offers 30-days money back guarantee and promises to deliver whiter smile in just 30 minutes, right after first treatment. It comes with an instructional DVD and worldwide free shipping.

4.7 Stars
Alta White is a 100% natural teeth whitener that gained its popularity throughout the USA in the recent years. It has been features on networks like CNN and USA Today. It comes with a huge 90-days money-back guarantee and free shipping throughout USA.

4.5 Stars
Idol White is one of the most easy-to-use products for a brighter smile. It is heavily endorsed by Kardashian girls, which proves that even celebrities don't always pay thousands of dollars for expensive treatments.

Zero Peroxide review 5.0 Stars

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ZeroPeroxide Zero peroxide is on top of our list. It was designed for people who want to have a brighter smile, but don’t want want to risk irritations caused by peroxide. Its main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which is clinically proven as teeth whitener.

Combined with other 100% natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin D, it brings teeth back to their natural shade and removes stains made by aging, coffee, tobacco and certain foods.

Top Features:

Safe teeth whitener – Zero peroxide uses sodium bicarbonate to bring teeth back to their natural shade. It causes no irritations and can be used by people with sensitive teeth.

Fast acting formula – First results can be seen in just 20 minutes.

Full money back guarantee – Zero Peroxide comes with a full 30-days money back guarantee if it fails to deliver positive results.

Free shipping and special limited time discount (coupon code: “10off”)

Zero Peroxide kit includes whitening gel, touch-up pen, LED accelerator, mouth tray and tooth shading guide.

Mint Cosmetics review 4.8 Stars

Mint cosmetics is one of the rare UK approved systems for teeth whitening at home. Right now there is a huge 44% discount available, so make sure you visit their official website for more information.


 Top features:

Safe whitening kit – Contains no peroxide and causes no irritations to gums and enamel.

Money back guarantee – 30-days money back guarantee is promised if you are not satisfied with Mint Cosmetic’s results.

Free shipping and affordable price.

Alta White review 4.7 Stars

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Alta White is one of the most popular teeth whitening products in USA. It was features on networks like CNN and USA Today and gained massive popularity. Its unique formula releases oxygen during the process and removes organic stains from enamel.


Idol White review 4.5 Stars

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