What’s the Best Mouthwash?

There is no doubt that regular brushing and flossing are the most important parts of oral hygiene. But there is another important component of perfect oral hygiene that is often overlooked and it is called mouthwash (also called mouth rinseoral rinse or mouth bath). Importance of mouth rinsing has been discovered in Chinese medicine almost 4000 years ago.

We have made a list of some of the best and most popular mouthwashes in the world and if you want to read our complete reviews, you can check them out at the bottom of this page. Most mouthwashes cost less than $10, so there is no excuse why you shouldn’t have one to perfect your oral hygiene.

Guide to the best mouthwash:

PictureMouthwashBrandOur rating
Oral Rinse
Dr Katz4.4
ACT RestoringACT4.5
ACT Total CareACT4.4
Therapy Gum CarePerio Therapy4.3
Tea Tree OilDesert Essence4.6
Healthy MouthJason4.3

Importance of using mouthwash:

Recent study made by Academy of General Dentistry proved that using a mouthwash is more important than you could imagine.

Study included more than 100 adults with mild plaque and gingivitis, and it lasted for 6 months. Members were separated in 2 groups; one group brushed their teeth and used mouth rinse twice per day and other group used placebo mouth rinse, but they still brushed their teeth twice per day.

Results were astonishing. First group (with real mouthwash) reduced its plaque by up to 26.3% and gingivitis up to 20.4%.

Almost all members of first group experienced a reduction in plaque and gingivitis, but only 30% members of other group (without mouthwash) experienced similar results.

But be aware that not all mouthwashes are designed to kill germs. Some of them are designed especially for people with bad breath and some of them for people who want to have a brighter smile.

Our Ultimate Mouthwash Reviews:

Here are our ultimate reviews of the best mouth rinse out of each group. We have ranked them based on various customer testimonials from all over the web, so you don’t have to spend hours of searching by yourself!

Our #1 pick for bad breath

Many people around the world suffer because of their bad breath and most common cause for that is bacteria. “Morning breath” occurs because saliva production stops when we sleep and that generates perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Most people wake up with bad breath, but that can come to an end with proper mouth rinse.

Based on our research, the TheraBreath is one of the most popular mouthwashes for bad breath. It is advertised as the world’s best clinical oxygenating mouthwash which destroys morning breath and sulfur-producing bacteria. It is quite affordable and there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest your money into it.

Top features:

  • Neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria.
  • Works instantly and lasts over 12 hours (clinically proven).
  • Prevents all types of bad breath and dry mouth.
  • Recommended by dentists.

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Our #1 pick for teeth whitening

Crest is one of world’s most recognized teeth whitening brands out there. They have been notoriously known for their whitestrips and variety of whitening products which include whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses.

It is advertised to bring whiter teeth in just 7 days of regular use and to kill bad breath during the process. Of course you can’t expect a Hollywood smile, but it is a perfect alternative to abrasive and expensive teeth whitening products. It comes with an affordable price as well.

Top features:

  • Whitens teeth after just 7 days of use.
  • Helps to prevent future stains.
  • Safe to use without irritations.
  • Leaves fresh feel and prevents bad breath.

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Our #1 pick for kids

mouthwash for kids
Some oral rinses are developed especially for kids. They have tasty flavors and they usually come with funny and children-friendly designs, and Anticavity Fluoride Rinse from ACT is no exception.

Besides taking care for bad breath, ACT advertises that Anticavity Fluoride Rinse for kids strengthens enamel and restores minerals to soft spots. It has 4.7 rating on Amazon, which makes it one of the best rated products in this area. It you want the best for your children, check out our list of top electric toothbrushes for children.

Top features:

  • Prevents bad breath.
  • Strengthens enamel.
  • Helps to prevent children’s cavities.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Tasteful and loved by children.
  • American Dental Association approved.

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Proper oral care is one of the most important parts of our daily hygiene, but it’s overlooked too often. Water flossers and electric toothbrushes are great, but mouthwashes are that cherry on top of the cake. And the best part is – they are affordable and cost only a fraction of a price compared to electric toothbrushes.

What’s your favorite mouthwash? You are welcome to share your experience with us in the comments section down below!

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