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Oral B Pro 3000: Quick info

oral b 3000 power toothbrush

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Oral-B Professional Care 3000 is an attractive powered toothbrush that costs much less than the most expensive toothbrushes on the market but still comes with a set of quite advanced features.

It costs about 50% less than the very best and most expensive Oral B toothbrush and it comes with 3 different cleaning modes to choose from and a pressure sensor.

It’s a great alternative to expensive top-end products and if you haven’t used one before, this might be a good entry level powered toothbrush. It is about 50% cheaper than leading Oral B and Sonicare toothbrushes.


  • Recommended by dentists.
  • Oscillating/pulsating Oral B technology with 40000 movements per minute.
  • Efficient plaque reducing and gingivitis prevention for healthier teeth and gums.
  • 3 brushing settings for daily brushing, gum care, and sensitive teeth.
  • Compatible with many Oral B brushing heads.
  • Whiter smile and improved gum health in 2 weeks.
  • A pressure sensor (light indicator) and timer.
  • Includes family toothbrush head holder.
  • 2-year warranty and 60-days money-back guarantee.


  • The rechargeable battery has less capacity than top-end products (only lasts for up to 1 week).
  • Louder than some top-end devices in this category.


One of the best products in this price range. With 3 different brushing modes, Professional Care 3000 doesn’t fall much behind top-end Oral B products like Precision Black 7000 in terms of upholding proper hygiene. Despite its low price, Oral B guarantees that it provide whiter teeth and healthier gums in just 30 days of use.

Top Features of the Oral B 3000 Electric Toothbrush

3 cleaning modes:

  • Daily Clean – Normal mode, appropriate for every day.
  • Gum Care Massage mode by alternating low and high powered brushing
  • Sensitive – Gentle massage mode for people with sensitive teeth.

Advanced plaque removing:

Oral B oscillating/pulsating technology with more than 40.000 brush movements per minute has been clinically proven to effectively remove plaque from the surface of our teeth.

Indicator bristles:

The color of bristles will slowly fade away and remind you when is the time to change your toothbrush head. It is recommended to replace them every 3 months. This model is compatible with other Oral-B brush heads.

Advanced pressure indicator:

Aggressive brushing is the number one cause of gum damages. It can also cause mechanical enamel erosion in the long term, so a built-in pressure sensor really comes in handy. There’s also a light indicator at the back of the brush handle that turns on when too much pressure is applied.

Bluetooth Connectivity

You have a choice to purchase the Oral B 3000 model with the Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows you to connect your unit to the Oral B app. The said app is a guide and tracking device in one which will help you improve your brushing habits and promote proper oral care at the same time.


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Reviews and Testimonials of the Oral B 3000:

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Oral B Professional Care 3000
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