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Smilex AU-300E Ultrasonic

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Combination of ultrasonic and sonic cleaning technology.

It’s been a while since we have made a review of any new electric toothbrush. The reason for that is the lack of new models that are worth mentioning. But that’s all about to change because there’s a new electric toothbrush on the market and it’s called Smilex AU-300E.

Although Smilex is a fairly unknown brand compared to either Braun or Philips, they have produced one of the more interesting newer electric toothbrushes that’s packed with advanced features.

The secret of the Fairly Will is the innovative brushing technology that uses both ultrasonic and sonic technologies at once. It’s backed by clinical studies and it was designed by the same guy that has invented the world’s first FDA approved ultrasonic toothbrush back in 1992. How cool is that?


  • Recommended by dentists and backed up by several clinical studies.
  • Uses a combination of sonic and ultrasonic technology.
  • Cleans teeth 2x better than manual toothbrush.
  • Produces 1.6 million ultrasonic waves per second.
  • Produces 18.000 sonic waves per minute.
  • Affordable brush heads.
  • Produced in Japan.
  • Comes with a Limited 1-Year Warranty and “Unlimited Forever Warranty.”


  • Its price is in the range of the Sonicare Diamondclean and Oral B 7000.
  • Only 1 brushing mode.

The Smilex AU-300E is backed up by several clinical studies. It reduces plaque by 97% in the first use and it reduces bleeding from gums by 60%. The fully charged battery lasts for about 2 weeks, so its performance is on about the same level as other top-end toothbrushes.

The only con of the Smilex is that it only offers a single brushing mode. Compared to the top-models of other brands that offer up to 6 brushing modes, this is really not enough to stand up to them.

Top features and our review:

The package includes 3 brushing heads – 1 with soft, 1 with medium hard bristles, and 1 massaging head, so you can use the one that’s more appropriate for your needs. There’s also a charging base with a short user manual. Unfortunately the package doesn’t include a travel case which is a standard with most Sonicare and Oral B toothbrushes.

The brush heads need to be replaced approximately every 3 months. The approximate annual cost of replacement brushes of the Smilex is cheaper than with Sonicare toothbrushes, but still more expensive than with Oral B toothbrushes.

The Smilex AU-300E comes with a Type-A 110V charger. The 220V charger needs to be purchased separately but if you want to save a couple of dollars you can also look for a 110 to 220V converter which only costs a couple of dollars.

Price and shipping:

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smilex ultrasonic toothbrush inventor


Is the Smilex toothbrush better than other top-end toothbrushes? Well, the price is up there with the best ones. Sure it doesn’t come with a travel case and there are no brushing modes. But it’s probably the best toothbrush in the world that combines both ultrasonic and sonic technologies in a single package.

We have gone through almost 100 customer reviews that we were able to find online. Some of them weren’t happy with its performance, but some of them (who also owned Sonicare or Oral B before) were amazed by it.

Reviews and testimonials:

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Smilex AU-300E
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